Cinemassively: ad absurdum

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M. Money|11.03.07

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Cinemassively: ad absurdum

Today's Machinima comes from Phil "Overman" Rice, of Zarathustra Studios. Best known for his breakout hit, Male Restroom Etiquette, this time he tackles video game terms of service. This is the first of a series of short films using tools, such as MovieStorm and Second Life, that are free of messy IP rights entanglements. They will air every Friday on his website, and on his channel.

As the video begins, we are introduced to Charles Bowbuck, the spokesperson for Abokey, a piece of photo-making software. He outlines some absolutely ridiculous terms of use, which would not be acceptable anywhere other than video games. So why are they accepted in video games?

Phil highlights an important problem that many Machinimists face. In most platforms, they are not allowed to own, create, or profit from their work. He advises viewers to read their preferred video game's EULA. The most essential point of the video is that "Machinima is not theft."

You can see the video after the jump, or download it from his website.

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