Weekly Webcomic Wrapup says good riddance to Halloween

Ross Miller
R. Miller|11.03.07

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Ross Miller
November 3rd, 2007
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup says good riddance to Halloween
Important notes about the above comic from Monday Night Crew (larger version):
  • Notice the sign on the door says "Resident Evil 4 party"
  • Realize that the recently-arrived guest is not in RE4 attire
  • If you don't recognize the out-of-place guest's costume, shame on you
  • Doesn't this make you want to see an episode of Arthur where the gang fight off anthropomorphic zombies and ultimately learn a life lesson about family and proper viral containment procedures?
It's November, so put your costumes away and start thinking about next year's attire. While you enjoy shopping for discounted candy and debating whether or not you should provide a link to your gamer costume in the comments below (we think you should), here are our picks for the week's best game-related webcomics. Be sure to vote for your favorite!

No Ghost Left Behind
Boss fight
Shine spike
Painstaking market research
Lost without you
3-for-1 special
Domestic bliss
Neurons and hammer-ons

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