Shipping this week: war is hell edition

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Shipping this week: war is hell edition
And so it begins, a November to end all Novembers. Within the next month, we will be positively assaulted with new and wonderful Xbox 360 games. The summer wasn't exactly thin, especially as summers tend to go for video games, but the sheer amount of games dropping this month alone -- good games, mind you -- is ridiculous. But let's not get ahead of ourselves thinking about the impending arrival of Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Kane & Lynch, and Rock Band (to name a few). No, let's concentrate on this week's titles. One thing at a time, as it were. So, this week we have:
We have something of a soft spot for Scene-It, but we imagine the majority of you are most excited for Call of Duty 4. We don't blame you either, all of us here at X3F were addicted to its online leveling system during the beta in earlier this year.

Don't get too excited though. We've got three more weeks of high caliber releases to come. You might want to start your financial planning now.
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