EQ2 tradeskill writs confirmed for Tier 8

William Dobson
W. Dobson|11.06.07

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EQ2 tradeskill writs confirmed for Tier 8

If you were worried that you would be grinding your EverQuest II tradeskiller to 80 without any writs to help along the way, then fear not. EQ2 tradeskill developer Domino has replied in a thread on the official forums, stating that T8 writs are currently being beta tested for inclusion with Rise of Kunark, the new expansion that will see the level cap for both adventuring and tradeskilling raised to 80.

It was also confirmed that the existing distribution scheme of writs throughout a tier, will be used for T8 -- that is to say, the writs will be at level 70, 74 and 79. There was some discussion in the thread as to the possibility of changing this formula, particularly moving the 79 writ a little closer to 74 -- people argued that there was limited use of a new writ on the second-to-last level, and that the few levels prior to this are punishing when grinding on a lower level writ. However, Domino stated that for the time being, the levels would remain the same for the new tier, and could not say whether they would be changed in the future.

Are there any EQ2 tradeskill buffs out there that have an opinion on this matter? Would you prefer to see the last level of writs moved down somewhat, to bridge the large gap -- or perhaps, an extra level of writs to be added altogether? Or are you of the mind that it is fine as is? Let your voice be heard in our comments section.
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