Last of the class 3 servers

Jack Linden, honcho of Second Life's land team, announces today that the last of the Class 3 servers are on the way out, to be replaced with Class 4 servers. While there are increased costs for owners of simulators running on older hardware to migrate to the top-drawer Class 5 servers, the upgrade from Class 3 to Class 4 does not represent any additional one-time or ongoing monthly cost.

However, current Class 3 owners can upgrade to a Class 5 for a one-time fee of $200USD (plus the increased monthly fees for Class 5 hardware). The implication in the notice is that Class 3 owners who are upgraded to Class 4 servers will no longer be able to take advantage of the upgrade offer. If you are a Class 3 owner who wishes to upgrade to Class 5, you need to file a support ticket before close-of-business on Friday 16 November.

The last of the Class 3 servers are expected to be decommissioned by late today or early tomorrow.