New Zunes to share video? Update: nope!

Ryan Block
R. Block|11.06.07

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New Zunes to share video? Update: nope!

Microsoft just sent out the November Zune News email blast, and it's got a rather intriguing line in there: "... Zune Social where you can share music, videos and pictures that define you." We know Stevie B has spoken about the idea of Zunes sharing video, but we're suddenly concerned with the world of pain about to befall either us -- in DRM form -- or Microsoft -- in lawsuit form.

P.S. -What the hell is up with "The Social" popping back up? Didn't Microsoft leave it behind? Or has "the social" just become the product's tagline-tagline? We don't know, but we don't like it when these guys try and mess with our heads.

Update: We heard back from the Zune gang on this one. We misinterpreted Zune Social to mean the things you can do in the "Social" menu of your Zune (silly us); instead they were referring to the other Zune Social -- the social music network being launched with the new Zunes. Oh, and apparently "Welcome to the social" isn't dead yet, despite that AdAge piece reporting its premature demise, so we'll lay off Microsoft while they think different about tagline grammar.

Update 2: Oh, Microsoft pinged to let us know that on top of the rest, there is actually no Zune Social video sharing -- that was just a mistake. Rocking.
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