NVIDIA introduces ESA standard for PC components

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|11.06.07

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NVIDIA introduces ESA standard for PC components
If you're a PC-builder / modder, you've probably noticed that while you're given options for monitoring and controlling your CPUs, GPUs, fan speeds, and voltages, you're typically left high and dry when it comes to overseeing the functionality of your power supply, casing, and cooling accouterments. Well, NVIDIA is endeavoring to solve your problems with a new set of specifications they hope will tie those disparate elements together, called the ESA (or Enthusiast System Architecture). The hope is that through the cooperation of other manufacturers, and the implementation of USB HID (Human Interface Device), those components will get a needed shot of operability and connectedness; in effect, they'll start "talking" to one another. The hope is that the new standard will make full control over your rig much easier to come by, thus allowing you to frag with the confidence that your system probably won't burn the house down.

[Via CRN]
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