Massively's Tateru Nino interviewed

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|11.07.07

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Massively's Tateru Nino interviewed
Tateru Nino, formerly writing for Second Life Insider, has been a Second Life resident since August of 2005. She is known for her compassionate work as a Mentor (in the days when that was still an available vocation), which made her so popular a personage that a Cult grew up around her!

SLOz, an Australian site devoted to Second Life, has put up its interview with Tateru, and it's a good one. Those of you new to SL can glean a lot of information about it by reading this, and a fair amount of insight into one of Massively's stable of bloggers. Give it a read and send Tat a nice comment!
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