PS3 firmware 2.00 hits tomorrow

Sure, 2.00 might sound like a magical milestone, but in reality there's not a whole lot here that's going to revolutionize your gaming experience, and sadly nothing yet to bring online communication and play to parity with Xbox Live and Xbox's handy dandy dashboard. That said, Sony is strengthening some of the PS3's unique features, like the new Remote Start function that lets you fire up your PS3 remotely when you're accessing it with your PSP, and playlists for music and photos. One of the biggest "additions" is DualShock 3 support, but that's so laughably last-gen that it's hardly worth noting. Sony is also packing in the ability to create and share your own Themes for XMB, and a news ticker that will eventually make way for the importing of your own RSS feeds. Sony also added a new XMB group to the main menu to pave the way for Home and other internets-friendly features, and -- oddly enough -- Canon printer support to really round out the package. The update will be available in the States tomorrow, November 8th.

Update: PS3 Fanboy has some exclusive screenshots of the new interface.

[Via Joystiq]