UK found their brainiest family

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UK found their brainiest family
Remember back when we told you Nintendo was looking for families in the UK to try their hand at Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree? Well, turns out they found their family in the Chouhan family from Leicester, who recently won the event in London. They ended up walking away with £20,000 to put toward University fees. Nice!

Karen, 50, daughter Chhaya, 17 and son Amar, 10, won the contest by getting the highest score out of all the participants. The family plans on splitting the money, by using £10,000 to pay for Chhaya's University fees and setting aside the remaining money into a trust fund for son Amar. "We're both amazed and speechless. This is such an amazing prize and Chhaya and Amar will benefit so much from the free university fees," says Karen.

Congratulations to the winning family!

[Via Go Nintendo]
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