TiVo looks to serve up demographic data to marketers

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.08.07

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TiVo looks to serve up demographic data to marketers

Don't you dare criticize TiVo's ad collecting / disseminating department for slacking off, as just months after it launched StopWatch to offer up second-by-second viewing data, the company is planning to also hand over demographic information about its customers. The move is certainly likely to shift TiVo into Big Brother's list of most highly-regarded outfits, as the information that will soon be shared with advertisers (we're hearing it may be opt-in only, however) includes "age, income, marital status and ethnicity." There's no telling how much coinage TiVo will be raking in for such detailed data, but at least willing users can now watch intently knowing full well that they're letting it all (and we mean all) hang out.

Update: Turns out this is indeed an opt-in program. Thanks, Jake!

[Via Reuters]
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