Eee PC heads to the desktop in 2008

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Thomas Ricker
November 9, 2007 3:28 AM
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Eee PC heads to the desktop in 2008
Like your Eee PC do ya? Good, how about a desktop version to go with it? With the unexpected success of their new ultra-portable, Asus is looking to RAZR that momentum with a desktop version of the Eee PC. Jonathan Tseng, Asus president of marketing, says that the new Eee -- Easy to learn, Easy to play, Easy to Work -- will launch in 2008. Good news for us consumers but likely unwelcome tattle for Redmond. As you may have noticed, the recent onslaught of low-cost, low-powered, low-speced (Lll?) PCs are all Linux-happy slabs in order to avoid those heavy Microsoft licensing fees.
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