Cinemassively: Mythos trailer

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M. Money|11.10.07

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Cinemassively: Mythos trailer

In a press release found on WarCry Network, Flagship Studios Seattle released a new trailer for their free MMO in closed beta, Mythos. The video features new footage of gameplay, and narration by a producer, Brock Jones, and programmer, Marsh Lefler. If this game seems familiar, that's because Flagship was responsible for Diablo II many moons ago.

According to the press release, you can play as one of three races, Human, Elves, and Gremlins, in this free-to-play MMO. Players must take on heroic quests in search of gold, armor, and weapons in the fantasy-land of Uld. It is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up on their official site.

The video is included after the jump, as it may contain ads ...

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