Updates for Bungie.net, Halo 3 Matchmaking, DLC on their way

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Updates for Bungie.net, Halo 3 Matchmaking, DLC on their way

No, we didn't vomit on the picture above. That's a Halo 3 heatmap, an upcoming feature of Bungie.net. This technology (which Bungie has actually been using for a while to help balance their levels) allows players to look at a number of statistics for each map, including the locations of kills, and the weapons used most often. It's just one neat addition the Bungie crew announced in their weekly update.

Considering Halo 3's ridonkulously successful launch, the guys and gals at Bungie should be sitting on some private beach right now, drinking out of diamond encrusted goblets, smoking tightly-rolled cigars made of money. Instead, they're hard at work, fixing various in-game bugs and updating the Matchmaking playlists (Rocket Race FTW). We've got a complete list of those updates after the jump.

No downloadable content was officially dated, but hopefully, we won't be waiting too much longer. According to Bungie, "things are in motion and the DLC bullet train is making a bee line straight for your face."

[Via X3F]

Bug Fixes

  • The bug that is keeping the Commando Armor for elites from unlocking will be addressed.
  • Issues associated with uploading screenshots will be looked into.
Matchmaking Updates
  • Social Doubles has been removed from matchmaking
  • Rocket Race Hopper has been added to the Social hopper – 8 players, join in parties of up to 8 players.
  • Multi-team:
    • Hammerzeit game variant has been added
    • The frequency of VIP gametypes has been reduced
    • Swords gametypes will now be to 25 kills, rather than 50
  • Lone Wolves:
    • Player count has been increased to 6 players
    • Swords gametype has been added
    • Oddball games on Snowbound and Epitaph have been reduced considerably
  • Team Slayer:
    • Guardian has been added to the playlist
    • Valhalla has been added to Team Slayer
  • Social Skirmish
    • Flag gametypes will now appear more regularly
  • Rumble Pit
    • Added both Construct and Isolation to several gametypes
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