ZenZui becomes Zumobi in preparation for December public beta

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.13.07

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Remember Microsoft spinoff ZenZui and its crazy, patented "Zooming User Interface" concept back at CTIA earlier this year? The company's still kicking around, and they've got a fresh name (apparently to better reflect its product, though we're not sure it's any better than the old) and a fresh beta to show for it. Beginning December 14, the newly-christened Zumobi will be releasing Windows Mobile 5 and 6 flavors of its client to intrepid users looking to check out, create, and trade the content "tiles" that make Zumobi what it is. Even cooler, though, might be the news that the company is prepping both BlackBerry and generic J2ME versions of its client for release in the second quarter of next year. Hop on over to the Zumobi site to register for the beta in the meanwhile.
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