Tabula Rasa gains test server, patch notes

Louis McLaughlin
L. McLaughlin|11.14.07

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Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfastTabula Rasa received an official test server a few days ago, but of more interest is the public test patch notes that are now up over at the official site.

It's about five thousand bug fixes, with a few more welcomed tweaks. 30 max missions in your log, a few specific mob nerfs (not Warnets, unfortunately), plus increased server / client stability & performance. Goodbye memory leak?

Whilst there's no new servers announced, French & German TR installations are at least getting their own language-specific channels, which should clear things up a bit on Centaurus. There's no ETA for when these changes will go live, but let's hope soon.

Full Public Test patch notes can be found here.
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