Honda unveils production version of the FCX fuel-cell hybrid, the FCX Clarity

We've been tracking Honda's FCX fuel-cell hybrid on and off since we first heard about the concept way back in 2004, and it looks like a lucky few will finally be able to get their hands on one soon -- the company unveiled the production version of the car, the FCX Clarity, at the LA Auto Show earlier today. While it's not clear if the zero-emissions whip still sports that hydrogen-fuel-station-finding GPS system, you'll still be able to get the "gasoline-equivalent" mileage of 68mpg combined city / highway -- but you'll have to extra-special to do it, since Honda is only leasing around 100 of the vehicles to buyers who live near one of its three hydrogen fuel stations in southern California. The rest of us will just have to struggle along with our super eco-friendly Hummer limos, we suppose.