Hunters no longer have FD Drink in 2.3: Bug fix or nerf?

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Hunters no longer have FD Drink in 2.3: Bug fix or nerf?
There is a new uproar on the forums, this time from Hunters -- petitions, titles in all caps, threads being moderated, etc. What are they all upset about? It seems an important item was left off of the Patch 2.3 notes:
  • Fixed a bug in which Hunters were able to disengage from combat using Feign Death during boss encounters.
Nethaera explains that this should only affect Hunters during boss fights and not when fighting trash mobs.

The Hunters are upset because they were not just using Feign Death to drop aggro during boss fights, they were also restoring mana by drinking.

It has been suggested that this was actually nerfed because not only could you drink during a boss fight, you could also change gear. Nethaera agrees that this functionality was not intended, but still maintains this is a bug fix and not a nerf.

Along with the standard flame posts you would expect in this thread, there are also some constructive comments with possible solutions. Nethaera has promised to pass them onto the development team, particularly these two points:
  • Hunter mana efficiency needs to be increased so that they don't need to drink during boss fights.
  • Hunters should be able to feed their pets after being revived during a boss fight.
Considering the recent forum revolt successes by other classes, such as the Paladin passive threat change, I'm sure that the Hunters believe that being loud enough on the forums could get them the results they want.

The fact that this "bug" is only "fixed" for boss fights is interesting. Also, did this just go unnoticed by players on the Test Realms or was this a last minute change added after the PTRs closed down before the patch? The details do seem a bit fishy.

What do you think? Bug fix or nerf?

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