Nintendo has a DS Lite "Lite" redesign ready to go?

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Paul Miller
November 15th, 2007
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Nintendo has a DS Lite "Lite" redesign ready to go?
According to at least one analyst, Nintendo's not just resting on its laurels while the DS Lite produces incomprehensible piles of cash. Evan Wilson, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, got word from his inside source that a DS redesign is actually already done, and Nintendo's just waiting around for DS Lite sales to cool off a bit -- which, unfortunately for those pining for new hardware, doesn't seem to be happening just yet. The redesign, which has been rumored before, supposedly is thinner thanks to the absence of a Game Boy Advance port, includes a larger screen and rocks some built-in storage, which we imagine could have some great uses in the right hands. Obviously, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance only made it through three hardware iterations, which begs the question of when we'll see a brand new handheld platform from Nintendo, though we can't say we'd blame them for sticking to this generation for another couple years of insane wealth and staggering stock price.
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