Massively's Massive Giveaways - Pirates of the Burning Sea part 2

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Massively's Massive Giveaways - Pirates of the Burning Sea part 2
If you haven't gotten to downloading the Pirates of the Burning Sea beta for the stress test this weekend, what are you waiting on? Jump in, choose your look, choose who you'll ally with, and start your career. Just from what we've seen on the official PotBS site, we're chomping at the bit. Ship to ship battles in an MMO? How can you not dig that idea?

For this, our second Pirates of the Burning Sea giveaway, we're offering up even more pirate booty to all you scallywags! For this giveaway we're picking six lucky folks to get one of the following prizes: A "Surrender the Booty" t-shirt, a t-shirt that reads "Pillaging, Drinking, Flogging, Wenching. Just Another Day On the Job...", another copy of The Government Manual for New Pirates, a pirate-themed deck of cards perfect for swindling yer friends, or a great big pirate coffee mug. That be some fine booty, matey! You just have to be 18+, a resident of the U.S., and eligible under the official rules -- oh, and ye must leave your answer before 6:30 PM tomorrow (11/16) to be entered to win.

Now, ye landlubbers -- tell us your opinion on the following... Who would win in a fight; Johnny Depp as Capn' Jack Sparrow, or Graham Chapman (of Monty Python) as Yellowbeard? Or do you think a third pirate altogether could take both of 'em out? Let us know!
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