EVE Fan Fest 2007 videos - Make your weekend an EVE-flix one

Matt Warner
M. Warner|11.17.07

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EVE Fan Fest 2007 videos - Make your weekend an EVE-flix one

How would you best describe the EVE Online 2007 Fan Fest? I'd say it was filled with players that talked about ships, consumed copious amounts of alcohol alongside the developers, drooled over the Trinity II expansion, drank more alcohol, some pew-pew and a few bruised hairy man boobs egos afterwards, and it all went down in Iceland. I'll sum it up as a frozen mixture of freakishly-EVE debauchery. I'm still bummed, no "mozom" Fan Fest action for me this year; not that I would want my corporation to obtain proof I mingled with some hostiles, and later use said evidence to black mail me as a spy unless I paid a lofty 25 billion space-bux fine.

Thankfully, for those of us not in attendance or those wanting to relive the panel discussions, CCP came through on their earlier promise to feature full-length videos from this year's EVE Online Fan Fest. Currently, 12 videos are up for viewing, and length times vary, some go for 20 minutes and others that last a little longer than 60 minutes. It doesn't cost a dime to watch them either. If you are too lazy to click over and to see the EVE-TV guide, I have you covered with the line-up below. If you would rather read coverage from the Fan Fest, I recently updated the ultimate EVE Online Fan Fest link wrap-up with a few more links.

  • Day 1: EVE History; Oveur on Trinity Expansion; Hilmar on World Domination; CCP Panel, Dev Q&A Session
  • Day 2: Council of Stellar Management; Alliance Panel Discussion; Dr EyjoG on EVE's economics; Ambulation Info
  • Day 3: Tuxford on the development and history behind the in-game ability Heat; How to PvP like an expert with Eris Discordia; Pann gives tips on running an EVE fansite; Tony G discusses his work on the EVE Novel
I've watched about half of the videos, and I plan on catching the rest later this weekend. If you are into EVE or interested in the upcoming EVE Trinity II expansion, I highly recommend watching all the developer panels. Having the option to watch all the panels from the Fan Fest 2007 edition is really a nice touch as opposed to digging through all the various write-ups. My only nitpick is I'd also prefer a podcast so I could listen to them on the-go. I shouldn't bitch though; no other MMOG company even begins to offer this level of video coverage from their fan events. There's really too much information about the game that came out of this year's Fan Fest to cover in one post. If there is anything in particular that stands out and that you want Massively to cover, feel free to post your suggestion in the comments.
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