Video game anagrams bring joy to our hearts

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Video game anagrams bring joy to our hearts
If you missed the last edition of Something Awful's video game anagrams, you missed the desecration of some of our favorite video games, such as Super Metroid (More Turd Pies) and Grim Fandango (Gonad Farming), accompanied by some spectacularly Photoshopped box art. Last week, SA posted chapter two of Anagrammed Video Games -- and it does not disappoint.

From the quazi-NSFW Secret of My Naked Loins (Secret of Monkey Island) to Bowser Penis Armour (New Super Mario Bros.) we can guarantee that this will be the hardest you will laugh today, possibly all week. Now, if you'll kindly excuse us, we're going to go finish our game of Abortionist Sea King.
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