Macrovision purchases BD+ DRM for $45 million

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Richard Lawler
November 19th, 2007
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Macrovision purchases BD+ DRM for $45 million
Macrovision just announced it has purchased the Self-Protecting Digital Content technology that forms the basis of Blu-ray's BD+ DRM system. If you're wondering, that would be the same BD+ technology that went from "impenetrable for 10 years" to "cracked" just last week. 18 months ago, Macrovision hoped to avoid becoming irrelevant by including its analog content protection in the AACS spec used by both formats, but is taking over Blu-ray's digital content protection with the $45 million purchase from Cryptography Research. We're wondering how these latest vulnerabilities will affect Macrovision's plans to commercialize the technology through licensing, since one of BD+'s strengths is an ability to address "emerging" security threats.
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