Ninja Gaiden demo at DS Download Stations, but not in our homes

Scott Jon Siegel
S. Siegel|11.19.07

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Ninja Gaiden demo at DS Download Stations, but not in our homes
Itching to see how well Ninja Gaiden holds up on the Nintendo DS? Anxious fans of the series can take the portable title for a spin by heading to a local retailer. Gay Gamer reports that DS Download Stations are now beaming demos of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Bringing your DS to a participating retail location should allow you to capture the demo, which controls like a more "extreme" version of Phantom Hourglass.

We're happy that Nintendo continues to make use of retail-based DS Download Stations, but we're still anxiously awaiting the release of the Wii's "Everybody's Nintendo" channel, which will allow Wii owners to beam demos to their DS via their Wii, from the comfort of their own homes. Here's hoping that following the release of the "Check Mii Out" channel, DS downloads are just around the corner.

Some shaky cam footage of the Dragon Sword demo in action after the break.

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