Upcoming Hunter changes

John Himes
J. Himes|11.21.07

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Upcoming Hunter changes
Hunters received a lot of changes in patch 2.3 and now Salthem on the european WoW forums has announced even more. Patch 2.3.2 will bring three buffs to the class, or two buffs and one un-nerf, depending on how you look at it. Check out the list of changes below.

Salthem on Wow-europe.com:

The following changes are planned for Hunters in the next patch, 2.3.2, which we hope will go up on the PTR quite soon:
  • Aspect of the Viper effect increased.

  • It will once again be possible for two freezing traps to be in place at the same time.

  • Pet levelling speed has been substantially increased.
Not knowing much about the changes to Aspect of the Viper at this point, the pet change particularly pleases me. I have a few old pets in the bank with nostalgic value that I'd like to pull out again someday and this will only make that easier. What are your thoughts on these changes?
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