Qualcomm wins a legal round against Nokia in the US, too

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|11.22.07

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Wasn't long ago that a Dutch court was showing Nokia the door in its battle to get Qualcomm chips banned; granted, the case was thrown out on a legal technicality, but a win's a win as far as Qualcomm's concerned. Now a US International Trade Commission court has made the same ruling on yet another technicality, upholding an earlier decision to throw out the case based on the fact that there's already arbitration pending between the two companies in California. The whole spat stems from Nokia's belief that certain Qualcomm chips infringe on Nokia patents; in the big picture, though, the suit is just one of over a dozen pending or underway around the globe, making Qualcomm and Nokia pretty bitter enemies by our calculations. Can we watch this all go down on pay per view or something?

[Via mocoNews]
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