How much mini-management is too much?

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|11.26.07

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How much mini-management is too much?
I've rolled a Hunter at least 4 times in World of Warcraft, only to lose interest after about level 12. Why? I couldn't handle the thought of all that pet maintenance. Seriously, who needs the hassle? Keep it fed, teach it new abilities, swap it in and out of stables, worry about loyalty ... and you don't even get the benefit of being able to play-wrestle with it in off hours!

Is it worth it to go through all that trouble just for a companion that's meant to address a class's deficiencies? I've never been a warlock; is it the same with those pets? At what point does the fun of having a pet get outweighed by the annoyance of upkeep? What do you think, is caring for your pet fun, or should it be streamlined?
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