Pentax rumored to be readying K20D, K200D DSLRs

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Donald Melanson
November 26, 2007 2:02 PM
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Pentax rumored to be readying K20D, K200D DSLRs
While things are still far from official, rumors are starting to pick up that Pentax is set to update not one, but two of its DSLR cameras early next year, in advance of the big PMA show. More specifically, according to Photography Bay, Pentax's K10D and K100D will be getting replaced by the K20D and K200D, respectively, with each bringing with them a number of fairly significant upgrades. If the rumors pan out, the K20D will boast a hefty 14 megapixels, along with a 14 bit RAW A/D Processor, a slightly larger 3-inch "live view" LCD, and improved "in-body shake reduction," among other features. For its part, the K200D is said to pack a 10-megapixel CMOS sensor from Sony, plus a PRIME 12-bit Image Processor, a 3 FPS shooting mode, and a larger LCD that may or may not be a 3-incher as well. Of course, that's all still up in the air for the time being, but things should be settled one way or the other by January 24th, which is when Pentax is supposedly set to get official with the cameras.
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