Today's most tedious video: Picking weeds in Animal Crossing

Scott Jon Siegel
S. Siegel|11.26.07

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Today's most tedious video: Picking weeds in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS loves guilting its players. Turn the game off before saving? Mr. Resetti shows up to give you a piece of his mind. Go several months without playing the game? Your once-beautiful town will be overrun with weeds that you'll have to pluck one by one if you want to re-beautify the landscape.

Today's video shows just how absurd this process can be. It reportedly took 35 non-stop minutes to remove all the weeds that had grown over eleven months of non-play. Still, our videographers aren't without compassion: to alleviate the sheer tedium of the process, a clever editer has chosen to depict the entire process "Benny Hill" style. You can still see how ridiculous it all is, but at least now you can giggle instead of pulling your hair out. Check out the wacky gardening antics after the break.

Update: Fixed the number of months.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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