PS3 Fanboy hands-on: fl0w expansi0n

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Andrew Yoon
November 27th, 2007
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PS3 Fanboy hands-on: fl0w expansi0n

There's a lot to like about Supervillian's expansion to the PSN "classic," fl0w. The expansion pack, which costs under $3, adds one new creature, the ability to play as different creatures in multiplayer, and a nifty new screenshot capture mode. Fans of the original fl0w will find these additions to be worth a purchase, as it has reinvigorated our love of this surreal and unique title.

After the initial install, you'll see a brand new background appear for the game in the XMB. The soft blue that covers the XMB waves is much appreciated: it gives the game that much more character, even before the game actually launches. Once you get to the character select screen, you'll see a brand new addition -- it's our favorite creature yet, in fact.

The new creature has some of the most "gameplay" of all the creatures in the game so far. It can retract its circular body in, and then spin rapidly out. Anything it hits will be stunned for a few seconds, leaving it vulnerable for consumption. The brief amount of time one has after the attack makes this one of the most timing-focused creatures in the game. It's beautiful, it's fast and deadly -- we love it.

The new campaign is great, but our favorite addition is the ability to have multiple creatures in multiplayer. It really adds a whole new dynamic to the experience. In this mode, you'll see each of the creature's strengths and weaknesses, as you compete for food in unique ways. Taking screenshots during this mode will make the framerate stutter, but you can behold some of the game's most beautiful visuals during these sessions. Fans of fl0w owe it to themselves to check out this expansion.

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