USB Optiwind Mouse: A mouse that really blows

Eric Vice
E. Vice|11.27.07

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Eric Vice
November 27th, 2007
The holidays are coming, and what more lovable folks exist on your gift list than the hardcore PvP players in your life? You know the people I'm talking about, everybody has one. (In my case, I have about fifteen of them in my guild.) They're the ones who blow three, four, six, eight or more hours sitting in PvP arenas and battlegrounds. They're the ones who overdose on Red Bull and sit in their dimly lit computer rooms screaming into their headsets, and white-knuckling their mice.

So what do you buy as a stocking stuffer for your favourite PvP enthusiast. They do, as a whole, tend to go through input devices (mice and keyboards) particularly fast. There are lots of good gamer keyboards out there, but what about mice?

PvP purists will tell you that wireless is not an option. Anything that requires batteries for power is a weakness that cannot be allowed, so wired is preferred by most. For $22 USD, Brando is offering just such a unit with an innovative twist that is clearly aimed at the hardcore gamer segment. The 800 dpi USB Optiwind mouse has a cooling fan built into it that will keep your hand cool and prevent it from getting sweaty, thus interfering with your "PvP productivity."

Bring some tidings of comfort and joy into the world of the PvP gamer in your life.
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