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Sony announces PSP Extended Life Battery Kit

Some three years ago, everyone and their PSP-lovin' cousin was moaning about the miserable battery life of Sony's PlayStation Portable, and while the outfit did unveil the Stamina Battery for the original PSP-1000, we're quite pleased to see an extended pack being offered up for it and the new, oh-so-slim PSP-2000. Apparently, the simply-titled Extended Life Battery Kit will consist of a 2,200 mAh battery pack that offers 20-percent more life on the older units and a whopping 80-percent more life on the slims. Additionally, two custom covers (Piano Black and Ice Silver) will be included to conceal the additional bulge, and those who just can't put their PSP down long enough to find an AC outlet can snatch this up for $44.99 in mid-December.

[Via PSPFanboy]