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Venturer's SHD7000 HD DVD player now at Wal-Mart for $200

Venturer's SHD7000 HD DVD player now at Wal-Mart for $200 image
Venturer's SHD7000 HD DVD player now at Wal-Mart for $200 image
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|November 29, 2007 3:25 PM

Remember when all our hopes were lost after Fuh Yuan retracted a statement that got us worked up over a $299 HD DVD player at Wal-Mart? Ironically enough, an off-brand player is indeed finally available through the aforementioned retailer some seven months later, but frankly, we're underwhelmed. Sure, the 1080i SHD7000 -- which is being sold at $199.98, a full $50 lower than we'd heard previously -- isn't exactly a terrible deal, but considering that Toshiba's own HD-A2 can apparently be had for the same, what's to get all jovial about? Nevertheless, we're also hearing that Venturer is getting set to launch the SHD7001 -- which should boast minor cosmetic enhancements, if anything -- a month from today through the UK's QVC TV Home Shopping Channel. Regrettably, there's no word on how pricey that model will be, nor if it will be a UK exclusive, but considering the exchange rate right now, we've all ideas the Americans won't be keen on importing one no matter what.

[Via TVPredictions, thanks Andrew and Aaron]
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