Warhammer Online: G15 giveaway winners!

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Warhammer Online: G15 giveaway winners!
You may recall our recent giveaways here on Massively. They were indeed, befitting of the name of this blog -- massive! We're glad to announce that many of the contests are finally settling down, and we're able to start the next round of telling you just who won the fabulous prizes. (You know, for the people who don't believe we were giving away that much good stuff.)

For our day featuring Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, we offered up two Logitech G15 keyboards. After much mailing, fiery-hoop jumping, and so forth, we're happy to announce that our two winners are drunkmime and Fauzty! Just in time for any new games you get as holiday presents, too!

In the upcoming days, you'll see more of the announcements as we list off the many winners of our launch contests. If you haven't done so yet, make sure that you white-list emails coming from massively.com or weblogsinc.com as those are the two domains our prize notifications will come from. (It's always a bummer when someone times out on the response email for a cool prize and finds the mail in their spam folders too late to claim it. Don't let that be you!)

Again, congrats drunkmime and Fauzty, and enjoy your fantastic new gaming hardware!
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