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Your guide to dailies: Cooking

Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller|November 29, 2007 1:00 PM

Congratulations! You've hit level 70 and you're peering around Outland with hungry eyes. A multitude of new things have opened up for you, from soaring to new heights, to searching the world over for keys and epics. One of the most common activities that you'll want to begin are the daily quests, available mainly to level 70s, and often requiring certain prerequisite quests or even a certain riding skill.

While the cooking quests do not award as much money as other dailies (only 7g 59s), and therefore may not be high on your list of priorities, there are several non-monetary benefits to completing them. First of all, they are fun. Currently, there are four separate quests, and they rotate, so you are not completing the same monotonous tasks day after day.

Secondly, they award your choice of fish or meat, which not only helps if you're an avid cook, but also gives you a daily crate of food for your pet, if you are a hunter. In addition, you can acquire random recipes, some of which are quite nice, including the hunter pet food buff [Recipe: Kibler's Bits]. Many of the reward meats and fish can be cooked up and/or sold for a tidy profit as well. All quests are given by, and handed in to, The Rokk in Lower City.

While several of the quests will require the use of a flying mount, this can easily be avoided by doing the quests in a party with a warlock willing to summon you. In addition, although the dailies often require a very high cooking skill level, this can be circumvented by purchasing the cooked meats on the Auction House, or by having your companion cook your meats for you. You will, however, require 275 cooking skill to gain access to the quests. Should you be in need of leveling your cooking skill, Lisa Poisso's got the inside scoop on the most effective ways to grind it up.

Quest: Manalicious
The objective here is to collect 15 [Mana Berries] from any of the eco-domes in Netherstorm, except the area surrounding the Stormspire. Eco-Dome Farfield in the far north contains mainly raptors, and although you can reach it easily with a flying mount, it is somewhat more difficult on foot, as it is surrounded by colossi. It also seems to have less competition, so if you can fly, take the extra few seconds to head up north. If you cannot fly, my recommendation is to head up to Eco-Dome Midfield, located roughly in the middle of Netherstorm. It contains crocolisks and lynxes, and is easier to get to on foot, especially if you're coming from Area 52.

Once in the eco-dome, start looking around for sparkling shrubbery. Once you've found one or two of these bushes, your eyes will adjust and you'll start seeing them everywhere. If you have the herbalism skill, you will be able to track the bushes. This quest can easily be soloed, and does not require the use of a flying mount, unlike many daily quests, including several of the other cooking quests.

This quest can be completed without the use of a warlock summon, a flying mount, and only the 275 minimum cooking skill.

Quest: Revenge is Tasty
This is my personal favorite. Not because I enjoy doing it, but because I gain a certain amount of satisfaction from having a reason to kill the Monstrous Kaliris that litter the Skettis landscape. I delight in watching others, in Skettis for the same reason as I, pound them into the ground for their [Giant Kaliri Wing]s.

In order to complete this quest, you or a group member will need a minimum cooking skill of 325 and either your very own flying mount, or a warlock bud to summon you to Skettis. You will need one [Giant Kaliri Wing], which drops from the Monstrous Kaliris quite readily. You will also need to cook up three [Warp Burger], requiring three [Warped Flesh], which drop from warp stalkers, blackwind warp chasers, and the like.

You will likely get your wing by completing your other Skettis dailies, as you are quite likely to be assaulted by several of the birds, and the drop rate is high. In the event that you are skipping such dailies for whatever reason, or are not randomly attacked (like that happens), there are other ways to lure the birds from the sky. If you have any ranged attacks at all, try perching yourself on one of the uninhabited towers and targeting them as they fly by. One method I use, although it does require a flyer, is to fly around Skettis, keeping to the sides near the mountains. Every once in awhile, deliberately fly into or very near one of the kaliris, then turn sharply and land on the virtually empty mountainside.

If you are having trouble finding warp mobs in the mountains of Skettis, simply head down to the grasses of Terokkar, and you'll find plenty more. The drop rate on the meat is somewhat lower, but once you've started to do the daily cooking quest with any regularity, you can begin to save piles of the meats you know you'll be needing. Once you have your ingredients, head over to any cooking fire and cook up your burgers. Then, simply click on the pot that The Rokk gave you, and you'll have your very own bowl of [Kaliri Stew]!

Quest: Super Hot Stew
This quest will also require the use of a flying mount or a handy warlock summon, as it requires you to go to Forge Camp: Terror in Blade's Edge Mountains, south of Ogri'la, and kill an Abyssal Flamebringer. You or a group member will also need a minimum cooking skill of 335.

You are being asked by The Rokk to make him [Demon Broiled Surprise], which requires two [Mok'Nathal Shortribs] and one [Crunchy Serpent]. You will need to kill raptors for two [Raptor Ribs] as well as wind serpents for one [Serpent Flesh]. My favorite spot to hunt both at once is Razor Ridge, which spans vertically down Blade's Edge Mountains on the east side, and does not require flight to reach. Once you have these materials, simply head to any cooking fire and make your ribs and crunchy snack.

Now for the fun part. You need to head over to the Forge Camp, which you would be doing anyway if you have access to the Ogri'la dailies. Once there, all you need to do is kill one Abyssal Flamebringer, aka non-elite giant flaming demon, and right click the cooking pot that The Rokk gave you to cook up your surprise. Yum!

Quest: Soup for the Soul
Once again, you will be asked to head out with The Rokk's cooking pot. This time, your destination is Nagrand, and this quest is possibly the easiest and least-time consuming of the four. You will not need a flying mount, but you or, again, a group member, will require a minimum cooking skill of 325, as you will be cooking up four [Roasted Clefthoof] from four [Clefthoof Meat], which are dropped by none other than your friendly neighborhood clefthoof.

Once you have killed a few clefthoof, which are abundant throughout northern Nagrand although they can be spotted all over the province, head over to the Ancestral Grounds, located just southeast of Forge Camp: Fear. Simply kill a few mobs standing around a fire, walk up to their fire, roast up your meats, then right click on the trusty cooking pot. Now you have soup!

Possible recipes found in your reward crates:
    Meats to save from your rewards:
    1. [Warped flesh].
    2. [Clefthoof meat].
    3. [Buzzard bites], either to be sold as is, or cooked into [Kibler's Bits] and consumed, or sold.
    4. [Lightning eel]. These can be cooked into [Stormchops] and eaten or sold, or sold as-is.
    5. [Crescent-tail skullfish]. These can be cooked into [Skullfish Soup] and eaten or sold, or sold as-is.
    6. [Raptor ribs].
    7. [Serpent flesh].
    8. [Talbuk venison]. This can be cooked into [Spicy Hot Talbuk] and eaten or sold, or sold as-is.