Breakfast topic: How can you tell a gold farmer?

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|11.30.07

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Breakfast topic: How can you tell a gold farmer?

A couple of days ago, I did something that I never, ever do in WoW. I ran past someone fighting a mob and took a ore deposit. Why did I commit this evil deed? Because the other player was a female troll hunter with a letter-salad name and a pet named "Cat" -- in other words, someone I strongly suspected of being a gold farmer.

After she said "lol" and ran away, I got to thinking about gold farmers. (Edited to add: After the lol, I asked if she was going for the ore and she said no. Armory also provided that her only prof was skinning. I'm not quite as evil as you may believe.) This led to today's two-part breakfast topic: How do you tell a gold farmer, and what do you do about them when you find them?

I have a sort of mental checklist for suspected gold farmers:

  • Hunter
  • Female
  • Blood elf/night elf/troll
  • Cat named "Cat"/Boar named "Boar"
  • Beast Mastery in the Armory
  • Only profession is skinning
  • Inappropriate gear/Appropriate gear that is all BOEs
  • Random name
  • Will never go away when you attack and will never beat you in a fight

I usually don't do anything about them unless they're farming the stuff I need, in which case I'll report them. I'll also grab mines and other nodes from beneath their feet. How do you tell a gold farmer apart, and what do you do when you find one?

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