iriver's W7 media player and D27 dictionary loose in the wild

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iriver's W7 media player and D27 dictionary loose in the wild

iriver just took the wraps off their D27 QWERTY dictionary and W7 personal media player they teased us with last week. The D27 if a full-size, electronic dictionary with plenty of audio and video support. It features a 480 x 272 display, FM tuner, 2GB of flash, and up to 27 hours of battery life depending upon usage habits. More interesting for westerners however, is the W7 touchscreen (finger or built-in stylus) media player which shares the industrial design of the W10 -- in fact, it may well be the very same WiFi device with Skyhook positioning only now sporting a W7 moniker for domestic S.Korea release. Video of the W7 in action after the break, plenty of pics and more video just beyond the read link.

Update: More details in. The W7 goes on sale next week and turns out to be a WiFi-less, Skyhook-less version of the W10. The rest is pretty much the same: up to 8GB of storage with miniSD expansion, 480 x 272 WQVGA display, and 4-hour battery for video.

[Via iriverfans]

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