Rumor Mill: Fury bombed - Massive layoffs at Auran imminent [updated]

Matt Warner
M. Warner|12.06.07

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Rumor Mill: Fury bombed - Massive layoffs at Auran imminent [updated]
[updated: 11:55PM PST] The rumors regarding the layoffs have been
confirmed by IGN in this interview with the CEO of Auran Games.

Another one bites the dust? Angry Gamer reports that a reliable anonymous source close to Australian based Auran has told them staff layoffs are imminent and that Fury may be outsourced to China. "Fury was a financial disaster, it lost Auran a lot of money."

No kidding. This news is not in the least-bit surprising considering Fury is in-the-running for worst MMOG of the year. Fury is more proof that not all RMT (real money trade -- micro transactions) based MMOs in the Western market strike it big as some developers so often pronounce. I believe Fury is dying, maybe you want to check the game out in case it does take a final dirt-nap. If you are interested in the last update to the game you can find the details over on the official Fury website. Any Fury players here disappointed over the news or good riddance?
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