Rumors: Is iPhone firmware 1.1.3 about to debut?

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Rumors: Is iPhone firmware 1.1.3 about to debut?
TUAW reader Josh Zeller tipped us off to this electronista post suggesting that a big firmware upgrade is about to bow, bringing voice recording and disk mode to the iPhone. If true, these major features would be welcome additions to the ever-growing iPhone user base. On the down side, every firmware upgrade comes as a roadblock to the third-party application community, requiring a new jailbreak. And yes, this would require a new jailbreak despite the possible disk access. Apple traditionally only grants access to the media portions of the unit's onboard storage.

How much do we believe this rumor? Apple has been good about bringing out firmware upgrades every few weeks, so if you wait just a little while, pretty much any firmware upgrade rumor comes true. As to the voice and disk details? These rumors have appeared for nearly every major firmware update--so eventually they may just be right... if you wait long enough.

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