Sony working on direct-to-PSP download store

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|12.06.07

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Sony working on direct-to-PSP download store
Now that PSP owners in the US can finally access the Playstation store without a PS3, it looks like Sony's getting ready to take the next logical step and cut the computer out of the equation as well. Speaking to MTV's Multiplayer blog, Playstation Network operations chief Eric Lempel said PSP downloads were "Something we're thinking about. With the capability of the PSP it's something that should be's just a matter of priorities and some technology that we need to make it all work right and make sure the content is delivered securely, just to protect some of our [intellectual properties]." Lempel went on to say that Sony is also working on an iTunes-like syncing functionality for the PSP, and that Mac support will be forthcoming. All in all, it seems like interesting times are ahead for Sony's newly-revived little gamer.

[Via The Boy Genius Report]
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