First OLPC XOs from G1G1 ship today

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First OLPC XOs from G1G1 ship today
At the nexus of selfishness and altruism sits the OLPC Give One, Get One program. Today marks the first day of shipping for those of you who placed a G1G1 order during the program's November 12th launch date. Each XO ships with new OLPC Ship.2 Build (650) software which introduces a network-based OLPC-update and more robust wireless networking in addition to the same (great) Sugar UI and easy-to-use application suite we've seen. They'll also arrive touting the latest Q2D07 firmware which fixes a critical bug bricking some XOs in manufacturing. As noted earlier, these units should arrive before Christmas while the second XO heads to less-fortunates in early 2008. As it should be, eh you greedy/selfless bastage.

[Via OLPC News, thanks Wayan]

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