Bonk may lift his freakishly enormous head again

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JC Fletcher
December 11th, 2007
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Bonk may lift his freakishly enormous head again

During an interview with Hudson's John Greiner, Nintendo Players' Chris Hardin asked about the possibility of a new Bonk game. Greiner answered with one of those noncommittal answers that we're all used to from the game industry by now, that gives just enough hope for some of us to become unreasonably hopeful.

Greiner said that "We've had a lot of fan requests for Bonk, and it has been the second-best selling TurboGrafx title. It's not unlikely." Not unlikely is kind of ... likely. (By the way, if we had to guess the most popular TG16 game, it would be the excellently multiplayer Bomberman '93.) Bonk recently returned in the cell-phone game Bonk's Return, so a new Bonk game on consoles is not that far-fetched.

Greiner also said that Hudson is committed to releasing Turbografx-16 titles for now, meaning that Hudson's games for other consoles would have to wait. This isn't an ironclad rule, given that quite a few NES games from Hudson have made it out (Milon's Secret Castle, Solomon's Key, Star Soldier, Adventure Island, and Lode Runner). Greiner was specifically referring to Bomberman 64 when he told Nintendo Players that "Nintendo 64 games might come later."
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