One Shots: Tracking Old Nick

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|12.11.07

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One Shots: Tracking Old Nick

Reader Shawk is making us feel nostalgic with this blast-from-the-past screenshot from long since shut down MMO Earth & Beyond. (If you aren't familiar with the game, it was a sci-fi MMO developed by Westwood Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It launched in September 2002 and was shut down in September 2004.) This particular shot shows off an in-game holiday event where players had to track down Old Nick (seen better in the larger version of the screenshot) in order to acquire special holiday items. Nick would randomly travel through relatively safe sectors and players would work together to track his movements and hunt him down. Ah, good times!

Do you have any screenshots that show off a favorite moment in your MMO of choice -- whether it exists today or not? We want to see them for our next One Shots! We can only post what you send us -- so send your screenshots and stories to You may see it featured here tomorrow, same time, same place!

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