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Woz animatronic features in Epcot ride

Woz animatronic features in Epcot ride
Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|December 11, 2007 1:30 PM

Disney's Spaceship Earth went through a little reinvigorating recently, and as you may have heard, when it reopened, there was everybody's favorite computer tinkerer sitting at a desk working on an Apple prototype-- the one, the only Woz. Originally, Jobs was rumored to make an appearance on the historical ride inside Epcot Center, but no-- Disney ended up going with the huskier and more bearded of the Apple founders.

You can click on the pic above (or hit the Read link below) for a bigger version of the image, to take it all in. The vintage Popular Mechanics on the wall behind the wooden monstrosity that would later become the Apple is a nice touch, as is the multiple pizza boxes behind him.
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