Nagle's Algorithm has been defeated!

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|12.14.07

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Nagle's Algorithm has been defeated!
The latest 2.3.2 mini-patch on the Public Test Realm has been updated. World of Raids and MMO-Champion both have a list of the 10 changes listed in the notes. Druids and Rogues get a boost to their large damage attack out of stealth, Warmasters and Warmarshalls in AV get a stacking +20% boost to each other's max health and damage and Rogues get some more tweaks on abilities. The fact that pre-mades are available again remains the most exciting news.

And, of course, the nerf of Nagle's Algorithm. What? You haven't heard of the beast? It roams the land killing unsuspecting adventurers through its almighty lag inducing abilities. Actually, It's a method of handling information packets across the Internet. Applying it makes for slower, more efficient packet transmission, but for online games that require constant communication, it can cause lag. Bad, naughty, slideshow of death lag. Ok, not that bad, but removing it will increase responsiveness of the game. And that doesn't suck.

Class over. PTR's are up. Log in on those pre-mad- uh, with your transferred mains and their hard earned and well-deserved equipment to test it out.
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