Blizzard's holiday contests

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|12.18.07

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Blizzard's holiday contests
It's the time of year for goodies and cheer, and all of Azeroth is celebrating Winter's Veil. The good folks at Blizzard have kicked off two contests that will let you tap into your creative and festive self, as well as giving you a chance at some nifty prizes.

The Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth has hereby declared that they are in need of top notch screenshots featuring your WoW holiday celebrations. If you would like to brush up on the fundamentals and technicalities of in-game photography, check out our tips for taking screenshots, or read through Blizzard's guidelines.

If cooking and baking are more your style, then whip up a batch of something delicious and festive, take a photograph (or have a friend do it for you) and submit it.

As I will be preparing holiday goodies this year, I would send in my own photographs, except that the contest is only open to (most of) the United States. I will have to settle for merely munching on them, and perhaps posting one or two Well Fed Buffs, instead. Make the jump to learn about the prizes you could win, and what sorts of entries are likely to be picked.Both contests officially end on December 31st, 2007, so you have about two weeks to run around Azeroth and do all of your holiday baking. Here is what you could walk away with if your photos are chosen:
  1. Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speakers (either contest)
  2. A signed copy of the Samwise Didier version of World of Warcraft comic book (Azerothian shenanigans only)
  3. A signed copy of the Jim Lee version of World of Warcraft comic book (baking extraordinaires)
If you are wondering what sorts of submissions are generally chosen, you can hop on over and peruse last year's winners. While we all may love a good, old fashioned batch of gingerbread cookies, you may want to note that the winning baked goods were quite elaborate. Sifting through the gallery is enough to kick anyone's inspiration into gear!

When it comes to festive screenshots, I think the playing field is a bit more even. Here are my tips:
  1. Pay attention to lighting. You may have very interesting subject matter, but bright lights and colors say celebrations and festivities all on their own. A poorly lit submission may not get noticed.
  2. Be careful to frame your shot properly. In other words, adjust your view until there are no odd spaces and things that you might want to crop out later. You are not allowed to modify your screenshots.
  3. Turn up your video settings. Even if this forces your gameplay to be slow, you can have them cranked up for still shots, and change it back later. Grainy submissions may also be overlooked.
Finally, if you simply must see for yourself, and I recommend that you do, head over and gaze upon the 2006 holiday screenshot and holiday baking contest winners, as well as honorable mentions.
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