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Art Lebedev lets loose "Dosugus" cushion

Art Lebedev lets loose "Dosugus" cushion
Donald Melanson
Donald Melanson|@donmelanson|December 19, 2007 4:45 PM
Art Lebedev may be best known round these parts for its OLED fixation and the long, drawn out means in which it applies it to an actual product, but the firm also regularly churns out a number of decidedly more low-tech but equally geeky items -- a range that it's further expanded today. That comes in the form of the "Dosugus" cushion, which should be a familiar sight to anyone of a certain age and would likely warm the cold, nerdy heart of anyone that receives it gift. At under $30, it also costs about the price of a couple of keys on the Optimus Maximus keyboard and, what's more, it's actually available the day it's announced.
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