Ask Engadget: Which keyboard should I buy?

Considering it's the buying season and all, we're not shocked to see this one come rushing into the Ask Engadget inbox. But considering the multitude of options out there, we'd say it's bit too late to go on a week long research bender in order to pick a victor.

"Keyboards have come a long ways. There used to be just a few to choose from, but now my options are nearly endless. What's the best keyboard out there? I'm looking for something that can handle the occasional WoW raid, a few hours of Counter-Strike and still make writing my dissertation as comfortable as possible."

So, there you have it. Take a step back, let it simmer on your brain a minute, and then hit us all up with your best shot. Feel free to toss out a few options if you can't pick a bona fide winner. We're sure next week we'll be getting all sorts of inquiries from folks wondering how to hack some off the wall holiday gift into a useful piece of kit, so feel free to send those -- along with any other applicable questions -- to ask at engadget dawt com.