Nintendo: Wii shortage causing planning problems

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|12.21.07

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Nintendo: Wii shortage causing planning problems
When Reggie Fils-Aime talked to Reuters a few days ago, we were so focused on the Nintendo of America president's displeasure with unofficial Wii bundles that we didn't even notice the Reggginator acknowledging the business problems Wii shortages are causing his company. "The level of demand we are facing complicates all of our future business planning," Fils-Aime told Reuters. "All of that becomes a much tougher exercise until we have supply and demand curves that intersect."

The hard-to-predict hardware supply complicates other company decisions, Fils-Aime said, such as how many units of Wii Fit to produce. "We at Nintendo America are focused on getting to the point when any consumer can walk into any of our retailers and find a Wii," he said. "Then we can plan, on an ongoing basis, the rest of the business."

It might seem a little ridiculous for Fils-Aime to be complaining about the problems the shortages are causing Nintendo. After all, if this was really a concern, couldn't they just spend whatever it takes to turbo-boost the supply chain? Then again, that added expense could become a liability down the road if and when the current Wii mania eventually starts its downturn. Whatever the case, we're pretty sure that any supply problem so dire that it forces a company to pull advertising is less than ideal. We're just saying, is all.
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