First Dissidia hands-on impressions

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Andrew Yoon
December 22nd, 2007
First Dissidia hands-on impressions

We're so jealous of you IGN-Anoop. You got to attend Jump Festa, and you were able to play the first ever playable build of Dissidia, a brand new PSP-exclusive fighting game. The impressions, unsurprisingly, are overwhelmingly glowing. Here are a few snippets:

"Rather than trying to adapt the Final Fantasy characters into some existing fighting game formula, the designers of Dissidia seem to have attempted to create an original fighting engine around the Final Fantasy characters -- at least the characters as they'd probably combat one-another in a Tetsuya Nomura movie." Yes, your characters will perform all the acrobatic moves that you'd find in Advent Children ... or the upcoming FFXIII games.

"Dissidia also manages to push the PSP to new visual heights. The game is a visual feast, with detailed combatant models, and plenty of lighting effects. Definitely a step above Crisis Core, which already had some thinking that the PSP really was a portable PS2." Really, it looks better than Crisis Core? That game was already pushing the boundaries of the PSP!

Please read IGN's full hands-on, and bring a change of clothes. You might be drooling on yourself the entire time.
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